Tuesday, 25 January 2011

And there goes the duck

Well I had been doing well at not buying miniatures so far this year, well up until last Sunday anyway. I got a heads up about a sale on the Mantic ranges at Hobbycraft over in Stockport with boxes about 75% off.

Well that's just a red rag to a bull isn't it? So £14 later I'm the proud owner of another 80 Mantic elves. Not so good for the pledge really and just as I was almost about to finish painting every elf in the army too. I've decided to keep them in the boxes for now and maybe flog them on ebay later in the year if things don't go well.

Also on ebay at the moment is the Storm Raven I painted up for my Blood Angels last year. With the official model out shortly I decided it was time to try and flog the proxy model. If I get back what I paid for it I'll be happy but I'm not necessarily expecting to get that much.

Painting wise things haven't gone well as my movement disorder has been playing up. Hopefully it'll calm down enough for me to get some work done.

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