Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Into the painted pile you go

My PNKD has been pretty bad recently so I've made a few changes to how I work. Instead of trying to find evenings when I am in full control of my limbs I've shifted my painting effort to the mornings when I usually don't have any problems. I've been trying to grab 15-20 minutes every morning when I can and 10-15 minutes at lunch time as well. So far it seems to be paying off as I have added a stack of stuff to the painted pile.

 photo 40f65ea7ffef553c89395c66ec9ad902.jpg

My corporation team for DreadBall. The orange is an homage to the Houston team in the original (not the remake) film version of Rollerball. They're not the best standard of painting that I could achieve but I just want to get them ready for some games. Now I need to do some opponents for them.

 photo e614e2e593b7ac00386893e05aea6315.jpg

Here we have three command models to add to the unit I finished last year.

 photo f2035cf7a547d69a43c41398fb5dc6fa.jpg

And some artillery crew. I actually painted the organ gun ages ago but I had been holding off claiming it until I had some crew painted up.

 photo 8fcc1ef87821eb28c321dce846c6b01e.jpg

And finally some metal Mantic elf bowmen. I will be splitting these up and using them in the front ranks of my bowmen units as they are in firing poses - something which is a bit lacking amongst the bowmen plastics.

I have the Marauder Dreadball team on the workbench as well as a few more dwarves and some random stuff. So far this year things seem to be doing okay on the painting front, lets see if I can keep this up.

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