Tuesday, 5 March 2013

March forth!

Well after a week of accounts paperwork and bad health yesterday was unexpectedly productive.

Firstly we have the DreadBall ref. In person she looks a lot nicer than the photo would suggest.

 photo 6745cf08fcfe63e9c0ad85ab9e50296a.jpg

Next up we have Frodo. Poor little chap has been stuck on my workbench for a very long time waiting for me to get the inspiration to finish him. Yesterday I tidies him up, gave him a few highlights and set him on his way.

 photo 8894b3aec0b3570abee3749234acad82.jpg

And lastly some D&D Draconians. I think I've had this set for almost 20 years so it really was time to put some paint on them, especially as they're getting used on a weekly basis in out D&D sessions at the moment.

 photo c92f51fcc699546e36f282176a0807f1.jpg

Once I have the final batch of Draconians done then I might get round to that Marauder DreadBall team I was meaning to work on.

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