Monday, 16 September 2013

KoW Ghost Protocol

I have set myself a target to complete my new KoW Undead army in time for the Pathfinder tournament at the NWGC next month. You may be asking yourself "what undead army" - well I completely failed on my ban on impulse purchases and added various discounted models to my KoW Kickstarter pledge and suddenly found myself collecting undead. I've added a few other purchases to round things out and now have 2000+ points of undead.

So far things are going reasonably well - the werewolves (below) were the first models painted and I've just added four units of wraiths completed yesterday.

 photo b79cc0cc42684ccec1650462dcff69d7.jpg

With the time pressure for completing the army I went for a really simple colour scheme - the ghostly look.

I've also done all the movement trays for the army - a tedious and long winded task - which means I can concentrate on finishing the models and getting them ready for play. Next up are some zombies, I'm already halfway through the first unit so hopefully they will be completed very soon.


Daniel King said...

Very cool, but where are the Werewolves? :)

adeptgamer said...

Nice start! Good fortune with the project I know they help me get things done.