Monday, 23 September 2013

On my signal unleash hell!

This speed painting trip seems to yielding some impressive results. I can't remember ever having finished so many units in such a short time. I think the results look pretty good too which makes me wonder if the extra time I usually spend per model is actually worth it.

I have painted up four balefire catapults which can be really quite nasty in game terms in KoW. This are the first of the more "regular" units in the army and so I have used them to introduce a black (well grey really) and red colour motif which will also feature elsewhere.

 photo 3a3046554b01fb58b3d3121c147bf7ff.jpg

I have also completed the last of the werewolves (for now anyway) - one more troop of werewolves and three individuals - all standing on rocks. The rocks are partly decoration and partly practical - as lone units exact positioning on the table top is often critical and they help with this. The rocks raise the model up so it should be easier to place them in direct base to base contact with other units and they also add some weight to the model and should prevent them from being knocked oout of position accidentally during play.

 photo 3d1ec72f4b6ff89b808958ff6b501648.jpg

I'm now working on the cavalry for the army with a goal of maybe having it ready for a game on Wednesday.

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adeptgamer said...

Excellent looking units my friend! I am jealous of all your catapults!