Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Look at my horse - my horse is amazing

And that's the knights complete - two troops of Revenant cavalry ready to play with. These took a little longer to complete that I had expected, partly because they are more time consuming to paint that I had counted on and partly because I lost quite a lot of painting time to my movement disorder.

 photo 9853088ea153d8170066916b4274d19f.jpg

I've carried on with the red and black (grey) colour scheme which will also carry over on to the characters. Speaking of which - I now have just 4 characters to complete and I have the tournament army (as currently envisaged) complete.

Of course this doesn't mean I'm finished with the army but it will be a nice milestone. I'm planning on completing a few extras which I can use as options in the future - and although I'm itching to start painting something else I will try and get everything done ASAP before the magic fades.

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