Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Kings and things

And here are the characters for the 1600 point tournament army.

 photo aea7460d1ea6fbc6c27f4e15a8ab3a10.jpg

The two on the left are Mantic (Limited edition standard bearer and necromancer) and the two on the right are GW LOTR Morgul Knights (with a Mantic banner). The Morgul Knights fit in really well scale (and style) wise with the Mantic miniatures and I have used various Mantic parts to convert them, well only one in the photo above but there will be more to see in the second batch of characters I will be doing shortly.

And to wrap things up I decided to quickly paint up a batch of wound markers that I started work on over a year ago.

 photo 41b9578c6b34b7f8f2117c87c6b55131.jpg

A quick splash of paint and they are ready to go. Now I won't need to use my elf wound markers for the undead army.

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