Thursday, 2 January 2014

The dregs of 2013

Before I total up the scores for 2013 here are the last few things I painted up before the year drew to a close.

Here is the completed Xenomorph force including face huggers and nests. I'm not sure if I will ever come up with a scenario which involves all three queens!

 photo 4f19e59ef9ee7e1cd2e7bf1caf52e30b.jpg

And here are the colonial marines.
 photo 5cf8d2f5b78be44222b6914dcb77213e.jpg

And showing up late for the battle are the Corporation Marines complete with acid suits.
 photo e8a40a9d44575020195046d07cf82b87.jpg

If anyone is interested here are some close ups with a 1p piece for scale.
 photo c561a2cfd736dc47c63200d933d15973.jpg
 photo 4609944665b3ec8c08b806fc43538568.jpg
 photo 26c9226d522d31c779cf3feb0db77b4f.jpg
 photo 3b5045f25848623a2c41f8a52d9de496.jpg
 photo 3a4672b513db707f01e7465f80faac4b.jpg
 photo 6dd0b81c9538bdd180414ca45270b3b3.jpg

Now lets see what the damage is.

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