Friday, 1 January 2016

The final lap

As 2015 drew to a close things were not looking so good. At the beginning of the year I had set myself the target of painting over 300 miniatures (28mmEQ) during the course of the year. Unfortunately for me going into the last week of December I was stuck on 272 and hadn't been able to pick up a paint brush for weeks as my PNKD had been really bad.

So it looked like it was time for some heroics. I had a few things part painted on my workbench which I hadn't been able to complete so I got stuck in.

First up some Mantic elf spear men I bought these ages ago in the Hobbycraft sale and with the new version of KoW out I decided to bolster my army a bit. I also wanted to try and simplify my original paint scheme for these chaps and use only one wash instead of two. I think the end result looks pretty much the same and it takes a lot less time so that works for me.

 photo 82343258daabb929aee7636cf5abd0f3.jpg

Next up some Reaper Bones miniatures painted to bolster the bad guys contingent in my D&D collection.

 photo 0a020210a8072ec6192e513a9bf6eae5.jpg

And after a frantic day with the brushes I tallied up and realised that I was now on 296 - just four agonising miniatures short of the total.

So on New Year's Eve I picked up my brushes again and carried on.

HF's Sir Olwyn has been sitting on my workbench for a so was reasonably quick to finish off.

 photo 78ecb55799194de17d52da3837eb6cc4.jpg

A couple more bones to bolster the bad guys.

 photo 5aa00094ac96df55c22e1d9bf51c02c3.jpg

And that left me on 299 and running out of things to finish quickly. Instead I grabbed some Mantic Palace Guard and threw some paint on them.

 photo 8a5d93d836d344637f0e400e46ae0eee.jpg

So with the year almost over I crossed the line in style bringing the total to 304. Awesome!

So how did I do on the pledge?

Total Painted 304
Total Bought  193
Balance  111

Meaning that 2015 was a WIN for the wargamers pledge for the second year in a row.

And if anyone is interested the actual number of miniatures painted this year ignoring the weighting system (e.g. 2 for cavalry, 6 for a chariot etc) was 207 which is still pretty decent. Now to catch my breath and make some plans for 2016.

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