Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What a shambles!

2016 continues to go well on the painting front but we all need that extra injection of enthusiasm and urgency now and again. From a painting perspective I usually get that from signing up for tournaments and deciding to take a new army build - and that is exactly what I have just done. Daniel and I discussed signing up for the Winter Crown KoW tournament over in Doncaster coming up this Sunday so I started playing around with lists. I picked an Elf army which included the Forest Shamblers which have been starring at me from the workbench for a few months which meant it was time to get busy once again.

The forest shamblers are metal miniatures from Mantic funded during their second KoW Kickstarter campaign. They are lovely castings with the slight reservation that there are one or two million vent holes which need trimming off. As usual I missed several during assembly and priming and ended up sorting them out during the painting process. Ooops. They paint up really quickly and I more or less bashed these out over the course of three of four days.

And whilst I was painting forest colours I decided to tackle The Green Lady - a KoW Living Legend also produced by Mantic. This one has been sitting around since the first KoW Kickstarter so it was about time so got a coat of paint.

And for some context here are some shots of the new miniatures amongst the other woodland gribblies I have painted up for my KoW elves. Most of these will be coming with me to Doncaster on Sunday if I stick with my original list choice.

Elsewhere on my workbench are a few more characters for my elf army as well as other assorted elf bits, including one with wings. If things carry on at this pace then the elves will have had a significant upgrade by the end of the month.

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