Monday, 14 January 2008

A Productive Weekend

Satuday dawned sunny and bright. Did I think "lets go for a walk" or "Time to tidy the garden"? No, being a wargamer I thought "Undercoating weather!". I managed to get the Savage Orcs glued and primed and I also primed the Nemesis goblins which will make up my SoBaH warband.

On Saturday afternoon I helped Isabel (aged 5) paint up a plastic Bretonnian knight that I had given to her. She has called it 'Sir Horace' after a ghostly knight in her current bedtime book 'Frognapped'. she suprised me by being quite competant with a brush and she really exceeded my expectations. I'll have to watch out for her or she'll be better than me before too long.

On Sunday I managed to get in another painting session, this time with Heather (aged 8). We both painted up our Orc and Goblin warbands (I made an exception to my painting schedule) and then played a game of SoBaH with them afterwards. This time the dice came up in my favor and I won the game - the fact that I got Isabel to roll all my dice for me may have helped.


Anonymous said...

*test post*

You got owned by a girl.

Maccwar said...

Not this time! (Hi Sam)