Saturday, 19 January 2008

The task ahead

I've entered the Merseyside Meltdown Warhammer tournament at the beginning of March and I've gone and grudges Andy Potter into the bargain. The event is run at 2500 points which is a step up from my usual fighting weight. After trying to make my army a tad more effective (following my poor showing at Toy Soldier 6 last year) I am pretty much maxed out on magic and special and rare slots so the extra 500 points will mostly have to be core. After playing around with lists on army builder I have decided to add some Savage Orcs and some wolf riders to the list. The wolf riders were painted years ago but I only just recently primed the Savage Orcs.

So here's the task - paint up the remaining 17 Black orcs and an extra 20 Savage Orcs in the remaining 42 days left. Sounds do-able but I'll have to step up the work rate to make it happen.

I've also shoved some Black Tree Designs Savage orcs on eBay. I originally bought them when I had the idea of creating an army consisting of only Savage Orcs. Having decided that this probably wouldn't really be very effective I've decided to part with them as part of the pledge.

Here are the scores so far for 2008:-

Miniatures Bought: 0
Miniatures Painted: 4
Miniatures on eBay: 42

So far I'm managing to keep to the pledge even if my work rate is not as good as I'd hoped.

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