Saturday, 12 January 2008

We are go, go, go!

Last night I finally got my painting effor for 2008 under way. I managed to get one goblin character and three black orcs finished finished. I also started another 8 black orcs. Its a bit sad that I'm getting excited about a quitet Friday night in but there you go.

I'm not painting the black orcs in any sort of fancy way - I'm just aiming to get them on the table. As they're mostly armour they shouldn't take too long to finish so I'm already trying to work out what to paint next once I have this unit (20 in all) done.

I'm hoping to enter the WHFB tournament at the Merseyside Meltdown in April which is run at 2500 points rather than my usual standard of 2000. As my current Orcs and Goblins list is already maxed out on Special and Rare slots this means I'll need more core. I already have painted wolf riders or some more night goblins but I fancy trying to get something else out of the lead pile for the event. Orcs with spears? Savage Orc infantry? Decisions, decisions.

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