Monday, 18 February 2008

Absent Friends

Time for a bit of background. One of the reasons that I've decided to take the pledge this year is that we are currently in the process of trying to sell our house (hopefully to move across town). The process of 'de-cluttering' has drastically cut the amount of storage I am allowed for all my wargames stuff, everything which doesn't fit in the remaining space has been shipped off to storage in two different locations. Add to this the de-cluttering exercise which took place a few years ago which left a lot of my OOP citadel miniatures (amongst other things) in storage (in yet another location!) and you have 20 something years of miniatures split over four different locations.

This last de-cluttering is being felt the most at the moment. for the last few weeks I have been trying to get into the storage unit to try and retrieve a box containing most of my unpainted 15mm miniatures (and maybe a few other items if I can get to them). On Saturday I finally managed to get there, only to realise that I can't find/get to any of the items I would like to bring back. I came away empty handed and the whole trip was a very frustrating experience.

So what does this mean for the pledge? Well, everything on the ‘workbench priorities list’ is within reach and I think I probably have enough there to keep me going until April or there abouts so I shouldn't panic yet. I also have some more 15mm miniatures hidden away that I can get cracking on. If I get everything in the house finished then I can lay my hands on my Bretonnians (minus the flying stuff) and get stuck into that. By the time I start making serious inroads into the Brets then I really hope we will have moved house and everything will be back to 'normal' again. Of course I’d rather do things in a different order but I will have to work with what I can get.

Progress update: Following the weekend, I now have those 6 SOs almost finished and I have made a start on the final 4.

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