Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Prepare for war!

I've been bust ticking off loads of those little jobs that I need to finish before Saturday. Things are looking pretty good but I still have some work on some of the bases, some varnishing and some last minute panic jobs to complete.

Panic job 1) On reading the rules pack for the meltdown I realised that I need to take two objective markers to the event. Not a big problem, I've located the objective markers from the Battle for Skull Pass boxed set and I will paint up two of these.

Panic job 2) I added some extra axes to my black orc battle standard bearer (Gritsqueek) at the weekend and sculpted some straps to hold them in place out of green stuff. I now need to paint the straps and touch up the model where the super glue has reacted with the paint. Overall I have to say that Gritsqueek looks much better now so I think it was worth it.

Panic job 3) I realised last night that my warboss, Snaggletooth, is not WYSIWYG at the moment as on my army list he uses a shield and the model doesn't have one. I now need to paint up a shield for for a general and find a cunning way of attaching it to his arm.

I also managed to get my new giant assembled on Sunday night. I think he might be barging his way on to my workbench priorities list very soon.

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