Monday, 4 February 2008

Back to basi(cs/ng)

A few more sessions gone and I now have four finished savage orcs. Only sixteen more to go. I think I am on target to get everything done in time for the Meltdown which is good news.

I have also been busy with some of the basing I have been putting off, including all the movement trays for the army. I still have some highlighting to go but everything is looking much nicer already.

I even managed to get some sand glued to the bases of the Nemesis goblins I'm using in my SoBaH warband. I intend to base these in a different style to the warhammer army and do the bases brown rather than green. For some reason I usually forget to do the bases until the very end which is far from ideal - this time I am ahead of the game although I suppose it would have been better to get the bases done before undercoating the models.

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