Thursday, 21 March 2013

So long between updates

It feels like ages since I've had any painted models to show off so here are some pictures of some miniatures which left the workbench for the painted pile today.

Firstly the final two Draconicans.

 photo 98c6e3c08fff47db1f613eabe203440b.jpg

Next up a LoTR Ent I picked up for £4 second hand.

 photo 4469407e10e1123bd63afdcab679b259.jpg

And lastly some GW plastic skeletons I've had for the past 20 years and never got round to painting (until now).

 photo 54cc3772de646d3f69074b078bbc6407.jpg

And there's also a fresh batch of stuff almost finished too. How much more can I do before the end of the month?


adeptgamer said...

All very good stuff, the tree man especially. Keep up the good work, even if you don't get to post often you collection is growing!

Maccwar said...

Thanks for the comment. The bit about the gap between updates was actually meant to be a joke - I usually moan about how long it has taken me to paint another batch of minis but I seem to have hit a rich seam of productivity and (by my standards) am belting them out at the moment. I do know what you mean though, chipping away a few minis at a time is still worthwhile as they all add to the painted pile.