Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The not so magnificent seven

The manically productive month of March continues. Here are some undead which I have painted up as colour scheme testers (and for use in last week's D&D game). From left to right we have two Mantic ghouls, three metal GW ghouls and two Mantic zombies.

 photo 24b911613e3238135e8dda4a133f5118.jpg

I don't have enough undead for a full army - just enough for a SoBaH warband and for use in D&D. The zombies and ghouls painted up really quickly so I might paint up some more at some point when I need some quick wins.

Currently on my workbench I have some assorted dwarves and some Hasslefree human adventurers (for D&D) but I'm also considering painting up my DreadBall Veer-myn. Decisions aplenty.

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