Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Back from the grave

After a longer than anticipated break (three months!) I'm now back on my quest to finish off my undead army. Painting up those 10mm miniatures was a nice break and has rekindled my enthusiasm for painting. Prior to Saturday I only had three colour scheme testers done for my ghouls and last night I had 30 of them fully painted.

 photo ddbd06dc87c1cc35a5e7ba630e42aeb8.jpg

In the middle there we have a vampire as well - the one which came with the KoW Kickstarter. 15 days in to 2014 the pledge is going well - 31 miniatures painted and none bought.

Next up - more undead.

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adeptgamer said...

Excellent dead good sir! Welcome back to the circus :)