Thursday, 9 January 2014

That's it man, game over man, game over!

And with one final evening's effort I have now completed all the painting on the Xenomorph project. I might have done this slightly quicker if I hadn't bought some extra miniatures for the project at the back end of last year. On Sam's suggestion I bought some predators and whilst I was at it I bought a pack of female civilians mainly so I could do a model for Ripley.

Here are the hapless colonists.

 photo 2a680e36b45bcf7a72ddf95dc35c3f0f.jpg

Some luckless colonists.

 photo 753d49f6abbf76f4456dd150edef6537.jpg

The Predators

 photo 99f8ae5afa82956a64587cc3317a9f64.jpg

And some sort of military walker thing. This will probably get used by the corporation marines.

 photo 722c2b94de192be692d8fd9fc6ae0cf6.jpg

Ans lastly some characters. From left to right we have a Civilian Advisor, a Corporate Liaison and an Artifical Person.

 photo 2d9198651fa9bb6078e841688e5995c5.jpg

Unusually for me I have also done some scale shots and close-ups which can be found here:-

Now the painting is done on this project I can now crack on with rules development and play testing. I'm not sure what I'll paint up next, I have plenty of bits and pieces cluttering up the place I just need to pick one and get one with it.

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