Monday, 6 January 2014

One small step for a painter ...

I've kicked off this year's painting effort with a small project, a very small project. I like the board game "Dungeon!" but I'm not keen on the cardboard stand-ups which come in the box so I painted up some replacements.

 photo c3dd9ec70a6da6a67f6ea4f21fa80743.jpg

The squares on the board are very small so the miniatures had to be smaller than 28mm. Ideally I would have preferred to do this project in 15-20mm but instead opted to go for 10mm partly due to cost and partly for convenience (I happened to be placing an order for more aliens miniatures with Pendraken and needed to bulk out my order).

I've also made some progress on the xenomorph project and I should be able to show it off soon if I can come up with a colour scheme for the predators that works on such tiny miniatures.

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Tristan M said...

love them! I recently commented on Gunz Rod's AHQ blog where he painted up a bright wizard and left his base done up in the same colour as his robes and I really loved how it looked like a brilliant board game piece. These guys are similar I think they could benefit from a bit of flock/sand and appropriate colour paint on the base.

I plan to use this once I find a board game we play enough to deserve that attention to it's pieces. :)