Friday, 27 June 2008

And on to the next

The Wood Elves won. I had to look hard to find them but in the end I found them in a small box at the bottom of the wardrobe in my bed room. From a quick glance all 6 stands of shooters are almost complete and will need just a bit of washing and highlighting. The cavalry and the treeman will require more work as they have hardly been started. I'm not sure where the stronghold for this army is though, I think it is in storage grr.

As you can see below I have started taking photos again. No I have not found my camera, I have just remembered that my phone takes reasonable pictures after all. I can now try and make these updates a bit more interesting again (ha ha).


Anonymous said...

Don't know if you remember how my woodies played in HOTT, but a wall of shooters and a couple of fliers is nasty. Disrupting your enemy's formation with shooting and flank/rear attacks from the fliers puts their elements out of postion, wastes their pips and every so often you whittle them away with a 6 and 1, eventually leading to the shooters being able to overwhelm the opposition.

Whose models are they? I've found 10mm woodies, but haven't seen 15mm.

Maccwar said...

I remember you managing a first turn win with them too! Ariel hero vs enemy general 6 vs 1 and kaboosh. I might even have a photo of the game somewhere.

Strangely I can use the type of tactics you mention with the night goblins I've just finished but my wood elves are just shooters, riders, a behemoth and a hero.

Maccwar said...

P.S. they are a mix of the bowmen from here:-

the cavalry from here:-

And an OOP treeman from Demonworld.

Anonymous said...

I managed a first turn loss with them. If that wasn't you, it was Si Corbishley. Arial Hero into the rear of the general's element, then something else quick into what was the front and is now the rear, making it fatal to be recoiled. If I remember right.

I may have pulled off a 6 and 1 on a general, but it would have been with a normal Flier (the eagle), not an Arial Hero.