Thursday, 26 June 2008

Ta Dah!

HOTT 15mm Night Goblins

Well so much for "the small matter of flocking". It took me all of Tuesday and Wednesday nights to get the basing, varnishing and touch-ups completed. I applied the final finishing touches before breakfast this morning and I am happy to report that my 15mm night goblins are now completed and yes I do mean completed (finito, done, at an end) - there is only just enough room for the army and stronghold in the biscuit tin I will be transporting it in.

It was a fun project to work on and nice and quick too. I might try and get another 'quick win' by finishing my 15mm Wood elves. They are already about 80% done but I ran out of enthusiasm and never got them finished. Maybe now is the time.


Anonymous said...

Woo. Nice one.

On the left, in front of the single squig base, what's the base with two red lines and something in front of them?

Potential addition could be an Epic Squiggoth as a behemoth?

Maccwar said...


Ah, that my 'frogged' base for the Nigh Goblin shaman for when he rolls his second 1 to dispel.

The brown thing is a crater where the shaman once stood and the red things are the spears of his bodyguards who have decide that they have an urgent appointment elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I had a thought that it could be a "frogged" element, but couldn't see the frog at that range.

I like the spears. That's a nice touch.

Maccwar said...

Cheers. There is no actual frog - I had a tough enough time sculpting the squigs!