Saturday, 28 June 2008

What's on the workbench?

As promised, here are the photos of what I have been up to since March.

First up we have the SoBaH Goblin Warband. All the figures shown are finished apart from the basing. In real life they look much nicer than the photo suggests.

SOBaH Warband

Second on the list are the Maidenhead babes. Here are some that I have started but not finished.

Maidenhead Babes in progress

And lastly here are the 15mm HOTT Wood Elves that I am working on at the moment.

15mm HOTT Wood Elves in progress

Once I have the wood elves finished I shall go back and try and finish one of the other two projects I have on the go. (Yeah right like that'll actually happen).


Anonymous said...

Have you modded any of those babes?

I wasn't 100% convinced by some of the babe bare metal models, but that lot look really good with a "realistic" paint palette.

One minor thing that got my eye. If the archer has just loosed, should the prongs of the bow be more splayed? Or does that sort of bow return to that shape when at rest?

Maccwar said...

Cheers, all of those have been modded. I've added boob tubes to some and extended the armour on others to protect their modesty. I've tried to go with a fairly restricted palate but I did add a dash of red to stop them looking too bland.

I'm not entirely convinced by the bow either, IIRC it was a little bent when it arrived and this is where I ended up bending it to. Say nothing of recurved bows in the stone age. :-) The archer was a free gift from Artemis so I'm not complaining at all.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done. Certainly at the range of the photo, you can't spot that they've had extra clothing added.

For a bit more colour, what about a small amount of jungle foliage at the base of the bits of slate?

Maccwar said...

Some of them are better than others. They range from looking professionally done to looking a bit amateurish. I'm hoping to even everything out with the paint jobs.

Base wise I had been planning on adding snow effects once I've painted the rocks up. I was wondering if the stark greys and whites of the bases would make the figures look a little more colourful.

Anonymous said...

GW's snow scatter is actually very good. Don't know if you've seen it in action, but it does make good fluffy snow.

My first 500 points Eldar got sand/stones/pva bases, painted straight black, with snow scatter in the gaps and where it would look interesting. Works well with the bright red and white colour scheme they're painted in, but could stand more subtlety.

I suspect that PVA technique will make more crystaline looking snow.