Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Bathing beauties

I decided to try out the new citadel washes range to add some depth to the the flesh tones and equipment on the Maidenhead babes. The results were pretty encouraging and I think I will be using them a lot with this project. The wash settled nicely in the contours of the faces of the models I used it on making them much more distinct.

I've realised that I have become pretty lazy in my painting style recently - something which has enabled me to paint a lot of orcs and goblins without going insane but its not so good on more delicate models such as the babes. I am going to have to get used to adding in more blending steps if I want them to look good. My results so far have been okay but I can see things I need to work on.

As ever - pictures will be available when the camera surfaces.


Anonymous said...

Blending? What is this blending you speak of?

In my day, when this were all fields, we'd just wash and drybrush the models, and we'd like it that way.

I suspect my style comes under the heading of "lazy". Black undercoat, Flesh Wash almost exclusively over the base colours (the Tau usually get purple wash instead), drybrushing, overbrushing...

Maccwar said...

Its only recently that I've moved back to the basecoat/mid tone/highlight drybrushing method to try and speed up my painting. before that it was all mixing paints, inking and washing.

My quick method doesn't look so good on the Maidenhead minis as the detail is quite fine and not at all cartoonish as it is on a lot of the orcs I usually paint.

I'll never be a competiion winning painter but I do try and make an effort with my work .. sometimes is pays off.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember the last time I mixed a colour. (Aside from preferring to work with pre-mixed for convenience) I think I've steered clear with the current evolution of GW paints, as their tendancy toward quick drying puts me off.

Going to try out the Coat d'Arms stuff when I next go shopping for paints.