Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Angry Again

On Sunday I managed to get busy with the brushes and I even managed to get a bit more sculpting done (if you can call it that). I added tails and legs to all the remaining angry peas (greenstuff 15mm scale squigs if you missed that post) and attached them to their element bases.

Last night's session wrapped up the remaining painting Night Goblin expansion apart from a small matter of flocking which I haven't yet started. Totalling everything up I seem to have about 54 AP or there abouts of new elements which means I will now be able to field 72AP (three commands) with options. As I was only actually aiming for a total of 48AP I think I have overachieved there! I'm still unsure how to score them painting wise for the pledge. I think maybe 3 elements should equal 1 28mm miniature.

This morning whilst showing off my work to number 2 daughter she spotted that there was one remaining amgry pea which I hadn't required. It now seems to be one of her treasured posessions. I dread the reactions I'll get if she takes it into school for show and tell.

RESPONSE TO BEATENZONE: Yes I will get on and summarise my progress so far just as soon ass I total up all the stuff I bought for the babes army.

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