Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Is it June already?

Where did May go?

For a host of reasons I've not been very productive for a while so it was good to break out the paintbrushes on Sunday afternoon. I've been making a start on painting up the babes and reminding myself that its been quite some time since I've painted flesh which isn't green. I'm reasonably happy with the results but I will be adding some dark washes over the top of what I have done so far to try and improve the contrast and shading.

On the plus side whilst I've not been productive I have also not been buying miniatures either so I think I'm still in credit on the deal.

In other gaming news I've had a suggestion to use the babes that time forgot as a WHFB demon army. Initially I thought it was a little crazy but I can now see some merit to it. I still need to put in a bit more thought on where things are going with this project before buying any more stuff.

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Anonymous said...

You could start painting the babes and see where you end up once you've got a scheme that you like (tattoos/woad - go on, you know you want to do it). You could even be a total pain in the backside for your opponents and build the army so you can use them as mortal or as demon depending on your mood...

Deth and Taxes suddenly got demon prince status, didn't they?