Monday, 12 January 2015

2015 is go

And 2015's painting effort is off to a good start. My first completed unit of the year is a regiment of Ogre Warriors.

 photo 5bd54dd6b84acbdaefeae0505a011b8c.jpg

I've been working on a regiment of ogre chariots as well. The chariots themselves are done but the gores which pull them have slowed things down a little. I had hoped to get away with filling the gaps between the parts of the gore models but after applying a first coat of paint I realised that they were a little too prominent and had to crack out the green stuff. I'm also holding off building the chariot riders until the chariots and gores are completed and based.

As well as painting I did a fair bit of assembling too this weekend. With my goal of painting up my dreadball teams on my mind I decided to assemble all the miniatures to see what the task ahead looks like.

 photo f730b94830094bdea1b72a87c336b001.jpg

Oh my! Here they are straightened out and arranged by team:-

 photo bd2734eeb5a75003a08286c88ef4c5fd.jpg

That's going to take a lot of time to work through. Fortunately some of the colour schemes on my existing teams are pretty simple so painting up the boosters shouldn't be too bad. Now I just need some decent weather so I can prime them all.

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