Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Playing ball

I finally got a day of decent weather over the weekend so I grabbed the chance to prime a load of miniatures. The next batch of ogres is now ready for painting as well as a reasonable chunk of my remaining DreadBall miniatures.

My DreadBall corporation team were done with a very easy colour scheme so I decided to blast through the team booster I got from the Kickstarter. I have renumbered some of the players from my existing team so I can make use of the alternate poses in my basic team. I have done a couple of extras as free agents just in case I ever get round to playing in a league.

 photo efc24b7a0a8896f3aaff3cbdb0a054f0.jpg

The ogres are still sitting on the work bench but I might breeze through some more DreadBall miniatures first before I go back to them.

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