Monday, 5 January 2015

2015 - Objective Acquired

With the success of 2014 still providing me with a warm glow to drive away the winter chill it is time to start looking forward and deciding which projects to progress in 2015.

Total - last year's 292 minis was a pretty respectable total all things considered. If I can manage to get close to this in 2015 I will be happy.

By the end of the year I would like to have painted up all my Dreadball miniatures. I currently own 12 teams and have 6 painted and playable teams. Of course being and enthusiast I heavily backed the kickstarter so I ended up with a load more minis for my painted teams as well (alternate poses and prones) so this goal doesn't just cover painting up 6 teams but also includes the extra minis for the 6 existing teams, MVPs and giants so there is a fail bit to do here. If I succeed I will have seasons 1-3 all done and as yet I have no plans to buy anything from season 4 onwards (yet).

I have a stack of unpainted Deadzone and a load mroe sue to be dropped off by the postman any time soon. Despite this I will set a modest target of getting 1 more faction painted up over the course of the year. Hopefully I will get a lot more done than just that but I'm not going to push things.

I would like to have my KoW Ogre army ready to use in a fairly short time scale. Ideally Q1 but no later than Q2.

It would be nice to finally get my Dwarf army playable but I'm not holding out much hope really.

I am aiming to join in as many of the paint-a-longs on the Random Platypus forum as I can although I probably won't be buying miniatures specifically to do this.

I am aiming to keep the number of purchases down for 2015 and only but things to plug gaps in existing armies rather than starting new projects. The KoW2 Kickstarter will be delivering me a whole lot of metal but outside that I will be trying not to buy much.

Well that's a lot to be getting on with but considering I managed to paint all those minis in 2014 and a city's worth of terrain it might be possible - we will have to see how things go.

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