Thursday, 15 January 2015

Rocking in the free world

May I present to you the latest additions to the painted pile. Firstly some Mantic Lesser Obsidian Golems. According to the fluff these beasties are meant to be very hot on the inside hence the bit showing through in the cracks. This was the first time I have attempted a heat effect like this and I think it turned out pretty well.

 photo 8e81b1ed7df10a4e554dd3877acb454c.jpg

Next up are some Mantic Gargoyles - a very quick paint job just to get them done.

 photo 2fbe2a667c3709258ca7142bb1a72f76.jpg

So why have I been painting these instead of ogres you might ask? Well I was digging through my box of miniatures from the first Kings of War Kickstarter and they kind of jumped out at me. Both will be useful in our current D&D adventure as well.

I've also done some work on the chariots but they're not quite ready yet. Patience!

On the arrivals side my final Deadzone Kickstarter shipment turned up along with the Dreadball minis I bought in the Mantic Sale. This means that mu current purchases for the year stand at 43 meaning I am in deficit. Darn - time to paint more stuff.

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