Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A giant update

And now for a giant update. Whilst searching through the Temple of Elemental Evil module I spotted that there were some giants of the monster list. It turns out that I had some of what I needed from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter so I dug them out and painted them up. Firstly a cloud giant and a storm giant.

 photo bfb7624d63364ab06e2be543316f9365.jpg

 photo cc5019c88284877acb95a5fc33c67186.jpg

 photo 9358c6d46df8147b39eaf1ce2a61b0b9.jpg

And finishing off with a couple of fire giants.

 photo 674ab1ac7c31f9b1852e09595a46f7a9.jpg

 photo 567f1523b5c0eaa0f4292d821c76f2c1.jpg

 photo 5996fa5d069eef7815e66983a1b00808.jpg

And a shot with a 28mm man sized miniature for scale.

 photo 0b6f6d0fa398b880ac718a30a99e5dd1.jpg

These were fun to do. I'm now considering getting the other giants that Reaper have done in their bones range to paint up too.

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