Thursday, 1 January 2015

Well that was 2014, how was it for you?

And as the new year dawns is it time to show off the last few miniatures painted up during 2014. Firstly some old Marauder Miniatures ogres and some really old Chronicle Miniatures ogres which I recently re-discovered after they were shipped off into storage about 10 years ago. After a quick bath in biostrip I have put fresh paint jobs on old lead.

 photo 01b1d933aee795fc3a22a4f288b2a84b.jpg

I'm quite happy with how these turned out.

Next up some more modern Mantic ogres. This leaved me on just under a third of the initial ogre army project completed.

 photo 9e5b9ab7c8832e05d73471029207c83f.jpg

And lastly my Deadzone Plague starter which I painted up in a flash of inspiration. Now I need to do another faction starter so I can get some games in.

 photo 9e88319c9c321df10a11fc3925185668.jpg

So what was 2014's total? With that last batch of miniatures painted up I achieved a grand total of 292 miniature equivalents painted up (ogre sized minis count as 2, smaller miniatures count as less than 1). For me that is a lot of miniatures and I am very happy with it.

So what about purchases? Even with the last minute purchase of a couple more season 3 Dreadball teams I am still in surplus! I'm not exactly sure how much by as I have not opened all the Deadzone packages from the second shipment yet but I'm sure there are fewer than surplus of 111 miniatures I have at the moment which means ...

2014 was a WIN for the wargamer's pledge! (cue fireworks)

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