Tuesday, 29 July 2008

A short round-up

Oops, slight lack of updates recently.

Since my last post I have been busy with things like preparing for an upcoming house move and going to family celebrations. All this hasn't left much time for painting but I have still managed to squeeze in a little work on the Nemesis Goblins for the SoBaH warband. I experimented with using the new citadel washes alongside my normal techniques and I think the results have worked well. I'm pretty close to finishing this project so I really should put in the effort and get it finished.

In other news I have started shifting a few things on Ebay in preparation for the house move.

I've also be toying with the idea of adding horrors to my chick army using the GW dryad models. If I trim off the leafy bits and paint them as horrors then I think they will work well.

The last news item is that at last I have found my camera! For some reason it was in the back of my wife's car.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Some breaking news

Make that

Stands Bought: 0
Stands Painted: 34
(23 Night Goblins
11 Wood Elves)

Stands Sold: 0

HOTT 15mm Wood Elves

I finished the basing last night and made a start on painting up some more Nemesis Goblins for the SoBaH warband. Ever onwards.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Round-up at the begining of July

I finally opened up the boxes and did a count up and the good news is that I am on target with the pledge. Yay!

So far I have not only painted up more than I have bought, I have also managed to reduce the lead pile quite dramatically but selling some unpainted stuff as well.


Miniatures Bought: 44
(1 giant [counts as 10 28mm miniatures]
11 Maidenhead infantry
6 Winged women
5 light centaurs
6 Sabre tooth cat riders [counts as 2 each])
Miniatures Painted: 65
(21 Savage Orcs
20 Black Orcs
1 Goblin Boss
17 Nemesis Goblins
1 Orc Boss)
Miniatures Sold: 42

Stands Bought: 0
Stands Painted: 23 (Night Goblins)
Stands Sold: 0

Lets see if I can keep this up for the rest of the year.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Speed painting

Couldn't get to the club last night so I stayed in and did some work on the Wood Elves. After a very productive evening they are now almost complete ... just the bases to do now (really).

15mm HOTT Wood Elves again

I'm quite pleased with how they have turned out. When I first opened the box again I was worried thay they would end up being quite bland but with a few washes and a few highlights they look pretty good. For the washes I used diluted citadel badab black wash as neat it would have been overpowering on a 15mm figure. The first time I did this I just used water to dilute it and as I expected the additional water raised the surface tension and meant that the wash didn't dry into the cracks quite as it should. For the Cavalry I made sure that I added a few drops of future floor polish to the mix and it worked a treat.