Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The chequered flag

And over the line we go. With one last push I have completed all the miniatures for my Clash of Kings army.

This little chap is a goblin army standard bearer who has been in the works for at least 10 years! The wolf is from a hobgoblin special character and the banner pole is from a space wolves dreadnought. After many years in bits he is finally ready to ride the battlefield.

 photo fd175d1407a51c674e94cc5e09671fbf.jpg

With the army out of the way I set about tidying up my workbench. Firstly a very quick paint splatter on a Hasslefree Lenore. Lovely miniature, mediocre paint job.

 photo 86b290ffa57bead9a3f0947cbe8eadd7.jpg

And finally (for now) a Reaper Bones cleric. He's been knocking around my paint station for at least a year so I thought it was high time I finished him and reclaimed the space. Not fantastic but he's done and that's what counts.

 photo 8decfd6b6997964e115e1f964ef4066a.jpg

I'm working on a few other miniatures I've had hanging around so with a bit of luck I will have more progress to report before too long.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Is that a crossbow or a cross ogre?

Only a few more days let until the clash and that's the last of the ogres I'll be taking with me completed.

 photo ecc3c4020585f1c038d735bcf22da708.jpg

Next up the goblin army standard bearer ... hopefully.

I have a few other bits and pieces rattling round my work space as well. It would be good to have a bit of a clear out and finish a few things before launching into anything too big.

Monday, 28 September 2015


More results from the concentrated effort to get my army ready for the Clash of Kings. These are two "Orc Crushers" from Raccolor Art, I bought them to use as Mangler Squigs back when I was still interested in WHFB 8th. They have been sitting in one of my army cases for years and might have been there for much longer had I not decided to use an army list including two giants. Now I have a lovely giant that I painted some time ago from Ultraforge but the problem is that he dwarfs most giants on the market and getting another giant to pair with him would have been a problem so I decided to paint the bouncy squigs instead.

 photo 8041fdfcf62754fda65a073d59ffae3a.jpg

I rather like how they've turned out. Long term these will be used in my goblin army and may be used as either Giants or Slashers.

That just leaves me with three more ogres to complete for the event ... or it would have done if I hadn't decided to dig out an old goblin army standard bearer miniature I converted but didn't finish painting many years ago. I'm now trying to get him ready to take with me too.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Painting to a deadline

October is fast approaching and with this year's KoW Clash of Kings final. As usual the extra pressure of an impending deadline has spurred me to get a move on.

I had originally intended to take an all ogre army to the final but for various reasons I haven't painted any more ogres since April which means that I won't have nearly enough painted to take a 2500 point pure ogre force.

I took my goblins to the regional heat back in the summer and that inspired me to paint up some more goblins to expand the force for the new KoW v2 rules. Unfortunately I ran out of steam part way through and ended up with part assembled goblin chariots scattered around my work space for months.

With the Clash of Kings only a few weeks away I started tinkering with army lists using allies to plug the points gap. After a few rejected options i ended up deciding to ally my goblins with the ogres meaning I still had some work to do but utilising some of the items I had already started work on.

First up goblin chariots - lots of them! I've always loved greenskins and their contraptions and I think I bought my first goblin chariot (MD1 Goblin King's Battle Chariot) back in 1986 when it was released. The goblin army list in KoW v1 didn't have chariots but I was one of several people who requested their addition in the v2 revision. This allowed me to dig out my chariots and re-base them for inclusion in my army. One of these (the closest) needed painting from scratch but the others needed less work - some of them still have bits of their original 1980s paint jobs showing.

 photo 61e6e4322ff3c3081ecc3a2edb88d2b1.jpg

To go along with the old school lead I have a brand new chariot from Crooked Claw miniatures which I bought last year via their crowd funding campaign. I really like this one and I will be using it as a goblin king in my KoW army (sorry Sourgut - you got demoted).

 photo 8550a2d567cabf20851e7d99cde5e203.jpg

As well as the chariots I have painted up the remaining trolls I got from the KoW1 Kickstarter campaign.

 photo da7d775a3f34d3915e9dfccaf38d4d2a.jpg

With the tournament a week away I still have some more miniatures to paint up but unless things go completely pear shaped I think I have this covered.