Tuesday, 14 August 2012

And we're off again

Slowly but surely I have been picking away at the unit of Orc spears I have been working on for months. Due to the usual mix of lack of spare time and bouts of PNKD it has taken far far longer to complete this unit than I had hoped. On the plus side I am very happy with the result, the use of washes has yielded some good results, they weren't available in their current form when I painted the rest of my Renegade orcs. This is also the last "big" unfinished unit in the lead pile for my orcs and goblins which is something to celebrate.


In other news I finally broke my duck and bought some miniatures after a 6 month self imposed ban. I have gathered some more elves to tweak my army a little in advance of the Clash of Kings tournament in February. I have also bought in to the Kings of War and Sedition Wars Battle for Alabaster Kickstarter campaigns. The SWB4A should arrive later in the yeat and contains a pile of very nice looking miniatures, the KoW KS minis should arrive next year and will keep me very busy indeed.

I have also finally made a serious start on my KoW/WHFB Dwarf army. So far I only have a few more minis painted up but they were quick to do so I am hopeful of good progress as the year goes by.