Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The art of movement

Holidays and a flare up of my movement disorder have meant that I haven't made much progress since my last post. Due to the recent KoW kickstarter delivery I have loads of assembled miniatures in various stages of painting cluttering up my study. With the impending delivery of yet more Kickstarter swag I decided to have a bit of a tidy up and to that end I had a big session of painting up movement trays and magnetising everything so I could put stuff away in boxes. I'm not sure why but units look so much better when they are based nicely and on a matching movement tray. It took me all afternoon to do about 8 trays, slower than usual but my PNKD was bothering me at the time.

In other news I found some old orc crossbow miniatures when clearing out some storage a few weeks ago. I JPed (re-based) them yesterday and now they will be Orc Sniffs in my Orc KoW army.

 photo 54be0728c53b8ce200a442d0de96082d.jpg

I think I painted these over 10 years ago. They've been sitting around unused for a very long time. Its always nice to find new uses for old miniatures.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Brocking at the moon

And here come the last two werewolves from my first batch (more to arrive later)

 photo 6f02076791cdacba49957bd1bad37c90.jpg

And my first completed brock rider.

 photo 1beca00797a24edb1c38c38819b4cbf2.jpg

I've another 29 of those to go so it might take a while.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

There wolves

Since my last update I have been deluged with miniatures from the Mantic Kings of War Kickstarter. There are still more to come later in the month but this delivery was pretty substantial - ogres, werewolves elves and lots of dwarves riding brocks. It is going to take a while to make a dent in that lot.

I made a start on the werewolves as they are nice miniatures and easy to paint up. Last night I had this many painted:-

 photo 6bdbc7b26c24e0a98f65bef54792baab.jpg

And this morning I added these as well.

 photo fb8f1d28d686360efbfdeab45fa21931.jpg

Not bad going really. :)

I have two more ready to paint up and another 6 coming in my next delivery from Mantic. I guess this means I'm starting an undead army.

I've also been working on the brock riders and here is a WIP shot of one of the brocks.

 photo 8ad78669a491f1c01b0e3e4341a72487.jpg

I think they'll look really nice when I have them all painted up.