Tuesday, 5 November 2013

You got a killer scene there, man

Yesterday I decided to crack on with something else I have been putting off for a while - the scenery for my wargames table. To be honest I kept forgetting it needed doing until I would dig it out for a game. These are all based on terrain scatter bases from Fenris Games. The nice chap who runs it created these for me but you can also buy the from their store here and here.

I added some polyfilla, rocks and sand (sealed with PVA for for durability).

 photo 4a11586e42e34157fa8dda176bcf8e20.jpg

Here's a close up.

 photo 66c994e275991a44f0c469548d37cae8.jpg

For practicality the trees are removable during play and are attached to the bases with magnets. Here is a wood base with the trees removed.

 photo cfdf9e361819cd2cd16b8ce43811de31.jpg

And lastly here is a quick bones mini I knocked up for inclusion in our D&D party. He is playing the part of Aaron Tallbow in the Dragonlance Classics campaign I am running at the moment.

 photo 07d7345d979035716210ab3577ae6bfe.jpg

And in other news I have finally made a start on those ghouls I have been putting off for a while.