Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Bring out the big guns.

And here is the final faction for the game - the Russian Mafia. These heavies are a group of former Russian private military contractors who are exploring other wealth generating activities within Carnage. After years spend in war zones and other hazardous areas I guess they felt right at home down town.

 photo 8f79ebcd6d0491bcdf64032dfee73b57.jpg

These are from The Assault Group's Russian Mafia range. It was a bit odd looking up from my painting desk and seeing these guys on the news with the crisis in Ukraine. Watching the news made me realise that I'd painted the AK74s and AKSU74s incorrectly so I had to go back and re-do them (and yes I did mean AK74 and not AK47 - I've learned more about firearms doing this project than I ever knew before).

Now I only have a few character miniatures left to complete for this phase of the project and I'm done. Of course I still have buildings to complete as well but overall I think I'm making good progress.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Gnome alone

Sorry, gnome pun intended.

Here is a quick paint job I slotted in yesterday. This is a Female Gnome from the Reaper Bones line or as we know her -Syradinkle Finewhistle a gnome thief in our current AD&D (2nd Ed) campaign.

 photo 298901a0e4574e3ec09bf66fcc50f65b.jpg

Elsewhere on the workbench the Russian Mafia types for OD are coming along too.