Thursday, 5 May 2016

6 months and counting

Today marks a big milestone - it has been six months since my last miniatures purchase. In that time I have not backed any miniatures kickstarters, placed any pre-orders or swapped or traded for miniatures. As a mildly obsessive collector this is probably the longest period I have gone without a miniatures purchase in many years.

Looking at the projects in front of me there isn't anything I *need* for any of them either so I could potentially keep this going for a while longer. Part of me wants to frivolously purchase something just for the sake of it but this is balanced by another part which is wondering just how long I can keep going. We shall see.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

End of Q1

As the curtain closed on Q1 I managed to finish splashing some paint on a few more miniatures. These elves have been cluttering up my workbench for a bit, I started them before assembling the mass of miniatures in the last post.

Also from the workbench are some elf characters.The mages are metal miniatures from the 1st Mantic KoW kickstarter. The one on the left arrived damaged so I converted him with a GW component. The standard bearer is from Mierce miniatures. When I started painting him the standard had a dragon head at each end of the cross pole but it seems to have gone missing at some point. Hopefully it will turn up again soon.

And this post's surprise round consists of the restic Enforcers from the first Deadzone Kickstarter. My DZ2 rulebook showed up last week and I thought it would be a god idea to get these done so I could get some games in. I'm not especially proud of the results but they're done and I'll take that.

That brings my painted total up to 103 miniatures for the year so far so I'm on target to beat the 300 barrier again as long as I keep at it.