Monday, 23 November 2015

Talk to Frank

Anther quick and dirty paint job and Frank the flesh golem is complete.

 photo 05932f8dc6a2edf114b6ec815b6c9350.jpg

I should really dig through the bones pile and see if there are any other quick wins in there.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Team golem

Whilst digging through my large pile of unpainted Bones Kickstarter 1 miniatures I spotted the golems. These chaps feature quite a lot in D&D games so I decided it was time to slap some paint on them. I've not had much painting time recently as my movement disorder has been playing up so three miniatures with very simple paint jobs was about as much as I could manage.

 photo 2ebaae80d59348ebe50eeaef1528fbfd.jpg

The flesh golem is still on my work bench but should be joining them shortly.

Monday, 9 November 2015

If you go down to the woods today ...

If you go down to the woods today you might see my completed Hunters of the Wild units! Mantic don't yet make models for this unit choice so these are a mixture of Dryads and wood spirits from five different manufacturers brought together and mixed up.The KoW v2 rules describe them thus:-
Like a true force of nature, wild and untamed, the fey creatures of the forest gather in great hunting bands when the Elves march to war, honouring ancient pacts between the Sylvan Kindred and the Green Lady. Gnomes, fauns, will o’ the wisp, dryads and sprites form packs of spiteful warriors, fighting with the full fury of the Great Wild.

 photo 279fd1fed6ced452b5ace2a7d578de89.jpg

This is my first attempt at multibasing in 28mm (other than swarms etc). Usually I base troops individually and magnetise them to their movement trays but in this case I decided to do something different, largely because a load of the models were designed to fit on 25mm bases and the unit footprint for HotW assumes 20mm bases. I think it worked out pretty well but I think I'll stick to my usual methods of basing for now.

 photo f642746af4b99e8c6838128d5544ffad.jpg

 photo 88a9d26a775daa32d05a6464b79a9792.jpg

 photo e8a0825250b1538d2e540da6c52aa332.jpg

 photo 12782f655d88aba9bc39df60a56db0c3.jpg

In other news this brings me up to 268 painted 28mm miniature equivalents for the year so far. The target of 300 that I set myself in January looks possible so I am cracking on with some more Mantic elves that I assembled and primed ages ago and just left. These will hopefully be a quick win and propel me towards my goal.

Thursday, 29 October 2015


My PNKD has been pretty bad this month so it has really cut down on my painting time and I have achieved far less than I had hoped.

I managed to paint up some Mantic Mars attacks scenery for the Random Platypus Barricades PAL.

 photo d0682089a5d076e188a76c723bcf4f86.jpg

And I've also completed a handful of old GW and WOTC dryads for my KoE elves.

 photo e5a6e10b0dc2f6b4937a884d32abca6b.jpg

I have to load more forest spirits to complete but fortunately they are pretty quick to do so I might get this unit finished before too long. Looking at the calendar I will have to get a move on if I want to break the 300 mark this year, best get to it.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Towards a cleaner workbench

The clearing of the decks continues. Yesterday I put the finishing touches to three characters for out D&D campaign. Firstly my wife's new fighter, Brienne. This is from the Otherworld female adventurers set.

 photo 8be4f95ae54f71058457f0317bb73c8a.jpg

Next up a very old citadel dwarf. I've added an extra axe on to his back as the character, Drax, is axe mad.

 photo e1ff5b13fac2210b9770397d15cb1498.jpg

And lastly a Reaper Bones fighter. The swords won't stay completely straight on this one no matter how hard I try. I think the model was meant to have a cloak of a backpack or something but I couldn't find it so I had to plug the hole in the back of the miniature with green stuff. Not the best of paint jobs but I don't expect the character to last all that long!

 photo ede108abbc552064d010d82a1f021462.jpg

There is still more workbench cleaning to go. Hopefully I will get a chance to pick up my paint brushes over the weekend.

Thursday, 1 October 2015


And now a 80s Grenadier Storm Giant. This chap has been sitting in a box for years and I decided to dig him out and give him a new paint job due to the Random Platypus "Giant" paint-a-long they did earlier in the summer. The big problem was that I never owned the correct left arm for him - years ago I bodged him together with an arm from a citadel giant but it looked pretty bad.

Fortunately Random Platypus is a very nice place and another board member sold me the correct arm for the miniature. So here he is with the correct arms and a quick paint job.

 photo d6f2e49853a5ff0a09dcdaa0196526bd.jpg

And another (lead) weight off my mind and my workbench.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The chequered flag

And over the line we go. With one last push I have completed all the miniatures for my Clash of Kings army.

This little chap is a goblin army standard bearer who has been in the works for at least 10 years! The wolf is from a hobgoblin special character and the banner pole is from a space wolves dreadnought. After many years in bits he is finally ready to ride the battlefield.

 photo fd175d1407a51c674e94cc5e09671fbf.jpg

With the army out of the way I set about tidying up my workbench. Firstly a very quick paint splatter on a Hasslefree Lenore. Lovely miniature, mediocre paint job.

 photo 86b290ffa57bead9a3f0947cbe8eadd7.jpg

And finally (for now) a Reaper Bones cleric. He's been knocking around my paint station for at least a year so I thought it was high time I finished him and reclaimed the space. Not fantastic but he's done and that's what counts.

 photo 8decfd6b6997964e115e1f964ef4066a.jpg

I'm working on a few other miniatures I've had hanging around so with a bit of luck I will have more progress to report before too long.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Is that a crossbow or a cross ogre?

Only a few more days let until the clash and that's the last of the ogres I'll be taking with me completed.

 photo ecc3c4020585f1c038d735bcf22da708.jpg

Next up the goblin army standard bearer ... hopefully.

I have a few other bits and pieces rattling round my work space as well. It would be good to have a bit of a clear out and finish a few things before launching into anything too big.

Monday, 28 September 2015


More results from the concentrated effort to get my army ready for the Clash of Kings. These are two "Orc Crushers" from Raccolor Art, I bought them to use as Mangler Squigs back when I was still interested in WHFB 8th. They have been sitting in one of my army cases for years and might have been there for much longer had I not decided to use an army list including two giants. Now I have a lovely giant that I painted some time ago from Ultraforge but the problem is that he dwarfs most giants on the market and getting another giant to pair with him would have been a problem so I decided to paint the bouncy squigs instead.

 photo 8041fdfcf62754fda65a073d59ffae3a.jpg

I rather like how they've turned out. Long term these will be used in my goblin army and may be used as either Giants or Slashers.

That just leaves me with three more ogres to complete for the event ... or it would have done if I hadn't decided to dig out an old goblin army standard bearer miniature I converted but didn't finish painting many years ago. I'm now trying to get him ready to take with me too.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Painting to a deadline

October is fast approaching and with this year's KoW Clash of Kings final. As usual the extra pressure of an impending deadline has spurred me to get a move on.

I had originally intended to take an all ogre army to the final but for various reasons I haven't painted any more ogres since April which means that I won't have nearly enough painted to take a 2500 point pure ogre force.

I took my goblins to the regional heat back in the summer and that inspired me to paint up some more goblins to expand the force for the new KoW v2 rules. Unfortunately I ran out of steam part way through and ended up with part assembled goblin chariots scattered around my work space for months.

With the Clash of Kings only a few weeks away I started tinkering with army lists using allies to plug the points gap. After a few rejected options i ended up deciding to ally my goblins with the ogres meaning I still had some work to do but utilising some of the items I had already started work on.

First up goblin chariots - lots of them! I've always loved greenskins and their contraptions and I think I bought my first goblin chariot (MD1 Goblin King's Battle Chariot) back in 1986 when it was released. The goblin army list in KoW v1 didn't have chariots but I was one of several people who requested their addition in the v2 revision. This allowed me to dig out my chariots and re-base them for inclusion in my army. One of these (the closest) needed painting from scratch but the others needed less work - some of them still have bits of their original 1980s paint jobs showing.

 photo 61e6e4322ff3c3081ecc3a2edb88d2b1.jpg

To go along with the old school lead I have a brand new chariot from Crooked Claw miniatures which I bought last year via their crowd funding campaign. I really like this one and I will be using it as a goblin king in my KoW army (sorry Sourgut - you got demoted).

 photo 8550a2d567cabf20851e7d99cde5e203.jpg

As well as the chariots I have painted up the remaining trolls I got from the KoW1 Kickstarter campaign.

 photo da7d775a3f34d3915e9dfccaf38d4d2a.jpg

With the tournament a week away I still have some more miniatures to paint up but unless things go completely pear shaped I think I have this covered.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Fire and flood

June to August, oops! Although it has been a while since I posted I have not been entirely idle I have managed to paint up my city terrain boards - a task which took longer than expected but I am pretty happy with the results.

 photo 2966b27190d538a0b3f55b5eace7fbf8.jpg

Anyway back to miniatures - here are a couple of Reaper Bones water elementals I picked up recently for use in the Temple of Elemental Evil. Being already made of clear blue plastic all I needed to do was add some highlights.

 photo 036a3a2b76f71d52efef2b221ab9465e.jpg

And the same with these lesser fire elemental thingies from the same range.

 photo 3efdddc2863f2f7d9ab9c576b3179d7e.jpg

I really need to clear my painting table as I have a ton of half finished models on it. I need the space so I can get cracking on some more ogres for the tournament in October.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Over the hills and far away

And here is the first part of the payback for a slow May. I painted this guy up in a tearing hurry for a D&D session but didn't quite manage to get him completely finished in time (he was however painted enough to use for D&D). I've added a couple of layers of highlights and I can now put him in the painted pile.

 photo cbea0424a7ba5fdbeded8338884336de.jpg

Meanwhile I have been doing a lot of work on goblin chariots in preparation for KoW v2.

Monday, 15 June 2015

I'm back!

What happened to May? May seems to have been a month for starting things but not finishing them - hopefully that will mean I can reap the dividends some time later and complete what I have begun.

In the mean time I had the Clash of Kings Northern Regional coming up and I had a flash of empathy for women who say that they have 'nothing' to wear to a particular social occasion. I have several complete KoW armies but I didn't fancy taking any of them to the event as they were. After a bit of list bashing I came up with a reasonable looking goblin list which then had to be revised further when it was pointed out to me that it wasn't legal under the tournament rules pack.

The problem with my new list was I needed to paint up some more miniatures for it - I was short by 10 goblin cavalry. After an extended rummage through my unpainted pile I turned up some goblin spider riders I bought back in 2007. I have tried to paint these up to match the ones I did more than 7 years ago. Its interesting to se them side by side - I think my current techniques look better and are faster to.

Here's the first batch of 5:-

 photo c3ff9efca1658c536d2f5cb41ab39b92.jpg

And the second:-

 photo 0bfea88c611821e835d3a0a647a1070d.jpg

And because I finished up those so quickly I decided to do some more trolls for the army:-

 photo 36bb2516aaccc54e5d44fd63c8cf7cf5.jpg

I'm now considering doing a few more upgrade bits for the army whilst I still have the enthusiasm.

Oh and for the record - I came back from the tournament as regional champion. :)

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

What a load of rubbish

A bit more scenery just to break things up a little. This is a load of Mantic Mars Attacks scenery which I got as part of the kickstarter campaign. Some of the pieces are plastic and the others are resin.

 photo 1b7c2458e5178b615aa164bee15e5892.jpg

 photo be7df91b354433bd1f37acd1af45bbc7.jpg

These will provide some welcome cover in our games of Officer Down.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

They see me rollin'

And the ogre chariots are finally complete. These chaps have taken longer than expected to finish and have been languishing part completed on my workbench for some time. Its good to see them done - now I can press on with something else.

A regiment of three chariots:-

 photo ec1c693b9df58d4c1abbd30f276ab9d8.jpg

 photo 603006abbe6083d64ca0dbb05422ab5a.jpg

 photo 965086e45df491eb7aa2dd4f7d73e1c0.jpg

And an ogre character on chariot.

 photo f78529273ef574376a637cc89cd9685f.jpg

 photo e71d3050bf94300c2c7b58fe339c554c.jpg

Not sure what will be next - maybe some more ogre rank and file.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Ogres of character and distinction

Its been a while since I have progressed my ogre army. I had a game the other week using the Ogres with the KoW playtest rules and they were very brutal and fun to play too. The experience rekindled my enthusiasm for getting the army painted up so I got on with the ogre characters who have been sitting on my workbench since January or so. I'm quite pleased with how these turned out.

 photo d2790d8f0ee3ec55e958569ec6b53f38.jpg

 photo 44cfeadb2254632aba66d79be5a18fa7.jpg

 photo de23bc98b7dae263cce3b2718f72d157.jpg

 photo 1ed4f88e68eb940af485877a0aece759.jpg

And a group shot.

 photo 8517df059076b8519f14bd0268da25aa.jpg
I'm now working on some charioteers, hopefully I can finish them soon and get cracking on the rest of the army.

Friday, 27 March 2015

One by one

Another day, another miniature.This chap has been clogging up my workbench for a while so I decided it was time to complete the work I had started. This is another Reaper Bones Elf. IIRC I stared painting this one whilst we were still playing our Dragonlance D&D campaign as a miniature for Gilthanas.

 photo f19fc95e843580ef8a60c03baf1d311d.jpg

What next, more workbench clean-up maybe?

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Cloaked in mystery

One more for the painted pile. This is "Aenur the sword of Twilight" a metal GW elf that came free with a White Dwarf 238 to promote Mordheim. In our D&D campaign this will be Rowen, an elven fighter/thief with a very task oriented philosophy.

 photo 743d108d95b64ea6f045d40b34cc318d.jpg

Hopefully I can finish a few more odds and ends before the month is out.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


For various reasons March hasn't seen me add much to the painted pile. Not only has it been a busy month but also my PNKD has been pretty bad which has wiped out any chance of painting in most of the free time I have managed to find.

I have managed to complete some Reaper Bones Drow which are needed for the D&D campaign - in fact this week's session is likely to conclude the Drow adventure so I've only just finished then in time.

 photo a9864fd7e85d7f116f6a263b5655c875.jpg

March's other finished items are all scenery - three buildings made from Mantic's Mars Attacks scenery.

 photo b5a2704ad07a6bc886ad14e322e5558b.jpg

 photo b5d4cda6d40fb9a912619e68fc774ff6.jpg

 photo e038ba5af3b532c3e10a73a9a517813a.jpg

 photo 0ad5bfcd6304b8ae689ed7e7022fd2cf.jpg

 photo 773fbf0b4af80f35b90b886342798d0e.jpg

 photo 6cd5a761c9670bcfa40095d9d6fcde4b.jpg

 photo d0a16000c4e68589ca783a4091143c63.jpg

 photo 6b59461096ec30f6774bef85d61ada36.jpg

 photo 602f626470cb3c217e9459de31398215.jpg

Those are the final three buildings planned for the Officer Down table leaving just a few odds and ends to complete on that project.