Thursday, 18 June 2015

Over the hills and far away

And here is the first part of the payback for a slow May. I painted this guy up in a tearing hurry for a D&D session but didn't quite manage to get him completely finished in time (he was however painted enough to use for D&D). I've added a couple of layers of highlights and I can now put him in the painted pile.

 photo cbea0424a7ba5fdbeded8338884336de.jpg

Meanwhile I have been doing a lot of work on goblin chariots in preparation for KoW v2.

Monday, 15 June 2015

I'm back!

What happened to May? May seems to have been a month for starting things but not finishing them - hopefully that will mean I can reap the dividends some time later and complete what I have begun.

In the mean time I had the Clash of Kings Northern Regional coming up and I had a flash of empathy for women who say that they have 'nothing' to wear to a particular social occasion. I have several complete KoW armies but I didn't fancy taking any of them to the event as they were. After a bit of list bashing I came up with a reasonable looking goblin list which then had to be revised further when it was pointed out to me that it wasn't legal under the tournament rules pack.

The problem with my new list was I needed to paint up some more miniatures for it - I was short by 10 goblin cavalry. After an extended rummage through my unpainted pile I turned up some goblin spider riders I bought back in 2007. I have tried to paint these up to match the ones I did more than 7 years ago. Its interesting to se them side by side - I think my current techniques look better and are faster to.

Here's the first batch of 5:-

 photo c3ff9efca1658c536d2f5cb41ab39b92.jpg

And the second:-

 photo 0bfea88c611821e835d3a0a647a1070d.jpg

And because I finished up those so quickly I decided to do some more trolls for the army:-

 photo 36bb2516aaccc54e5d44fd63c8cf7cf5.jpg

I'm now considering doing a few more upgrade bits for the army whilst I still have the enthusiasm.

Oh and for the record - I came back from the tournament as regional champion. :)