Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Creating a buzz

And the painted miniatures counter passes the 100 mark with the addition of my DreadBall Zzor team to the painted pile.

Here are the starting 8:-

 photo adc8e323612f57c7b6df2f99218db0fe.jpg

And the reserves:-

 photo c428c1cc23cddc658b519e6a0b9c1e62.jpg

Free agents, prones and Ludvig:-

 photo a8723db654c0917c14f6f14c58f0dfda.jpg

And a shot of Ludvig's wings:-

 photo e79f3b293326f3c229b991fdcfb3b5bb.jpg

And a group shot of all 20 of them:-

 photo ac2f031a70dd1d6ae1bcf280acc82c12.jpg

Phew! Unfortunately my hard work has been a little undone by getting carried away in the Mantic sale and buying three Dreadball Season 3 boosters to complete my season 3 teams.

The objective of completing all my Dreadball miniatures this year is looking achievable though as is the 300 miniatures mark.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Oi Ref!

Another couple of additions to the painted pile completed over the weekend. Firstly an ancient Citadel C31 Giant Hill Troll from a horde if giants, ogres and trolls recently unearthed in my garage. I ended up doing a bit of a rush job on this one to complete him for the Random Platypus January paint-a-long.

 photo 10d4b39208782b4cb2159d17c7a74887.jpg

The weapon blade is not the one which came with the original model as that was lost before I bought him. The replacement is from a plastic Warhammer Regiments Skaven spear I dug out of my bits box. I think it should really have been the other way up but for some reason I thought the original was this way round ... it wasn't.

And next up another refbot for Dreadball so my second DB set is fully functional.

 photo 714e8e603757adfb71926376a151a0b0.jpg

I'm part way through my Zzor DB team at the moment, hopefully I can get them ready to use before Dreadball night on Wednesday.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

They're having a ball

More Dreadball booster goodness - this time it is the female corporation team.

 photo DSC_01132.jpg

I'm now working on the robot team hoping that I will get them complete in time for a Dreadball evening I'm hosting next week.

January was a highly successful month for getting things done - I know I won't be able to keep this work rate up for the whole year (summer tends to slow things down) but if I can keep this up for a while longer then it should be relatively easy to beat the 300 mark in 2015.