Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The not so magnificent seven

The manically productive month of March continues. Here are some undead which I have painted up as colour scheme testers (and for use in last week's D&D game). From left to right we have two Mantic ghouls, three metal GW ghouls and two Mantic zombies.

 photo 24b911613e3238135e8dda4a133f5118.jpg

I don't have enough undead for a full army - just enough for a SoBaH warband and for use in D&D. The zombies and ghouls painted up really quickly so I might paint up some more at some point when I need some quick wins.

Currently on my workbench I have some assorted dwarves and some Hasslefree human adventurers (for D&D) but I'm also considering painting up my DreadBall Veer-myn. Decisions aplenty.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

So long between updates

It feels like ages since I've had any painted models to show off so here are some pictures of some miniatures which left the workbench for the painted pile today.

Firstly the final two Draconicans.

 photo 98c6e3c08fff47db1f613eabe203440b.jpg

Next up a LoTR Ent I picked up for £4 second hand.

 photo 4469407e10e1123bd63afdcab679b259.jpg

And lastly some GW plastic skeletons I've had for the past 20 years and never got round to painting (until now).

 photo 54cc3772de646d3f69074b078bbc6407.jpg

And there's also a fresh batch of stuff almost finished too. How much more can I do before the end of the month?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Go team Marauders!

Continuing the current productive streak I can now show you my completed DreadBall Marauders team. I wonder if I can get all my season 1 stuff painted before season 2 arrives?

 photo 3c530aa0d85b28a99d86ecfac899558a.jpg

Saturday, 16 March 2013

More paint on miniatures

All in all quit a productive day today. I've ticked off two more Reaper Bones miniatures;-

 photo 758fc758a47e46f99cc47834e9c66fee.jpg

And I've also made a lot of headway with the Marauder DreadBall team too.

 photo 4685de0d4d86c445df063912811279b2.jpg

If things go well then I may even get the team finished in time to have a game next week.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

And some more

And here are three more of the Draconians, just two more two go.

Ral Partha Draconians photo photo.jpg

And here is a Reaper Bones elf. A very quick paint job to do.

Bones Elf photo photo1.jpg

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Oops, I have just realised that I forgot to post up a picture of my customised turn counter. I painted up this chap the night before the Clash of Kings. He's the "Thinking Elf's General" from Mantic. At the moment you can only get him via the Mantic points rewards or in some of the larger army sets.

 photo 0d9c9f8898b06f56ea06cb23f4556990.jpg

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Thick and fast

Stuff is leaving my workbench and joining the painted pile at quite a rate at the moment.

First here's a cute little young red dragon. Its an old citadel miniature which I stripped and re-painted on a whim. I've always had a soft spot for this miniature even though I never could get the wings to stay on for long. Hopefully the pin I used will finally keep them in place.

 photo 3356f239e0aacd34d0aeac0a463b7eca.jpg

And next up are three Ramshackle games Dungers which I've bought for use as Mawbeasts in my Goblin Kings of War army. I'm happy with how they turned out so I will paint up the rest soon.

 photo a6377b198c100f08001e18f87b9249d7.jpg

The remaining Draconians are coming along too but they're not done yet.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

March forth!

Well after a week of accounts paperwork and bad health yesterday was unexpectedly productive.

Firstly we have the DreadBall ref. In person she looks a lot nicer than the photo would suggest.

 photo 6745cf08fcfe63e9c0ad85ab9e50296a.jpg

Next up we have Frodo. Poor little chap has been stuck on my workbench for a very long time waiting for me to get the inspiration to finish him. Yesterday I tidies him up, gave him a few highlights and set him on his way.

 photo 8894b3aec0b3570abee3749234acad82.jpg

And lastly some D&D Draconians. I think I've had this set for almost 20 years so it really was time to put some paint on them, especially as they're getting used on a weekly basis in out D&D sessions at the moment.

 photo c92f51fcc699546e36f282176a0807f1.jpg

Once I have the final batch of Draconians done then I might get round to that Marauder DreadBall team I was meaning to work on.