Saturday, 10 September 2016

The three wiz men

Celebration time - I have managed to finish the last three goblins for tomorrow's tournament with hours to go. As I mentioned in a previous post - I could easily have used some of the many other goblin shamen I have in my collection but I use tournaments as an excuse to get things done which might otherwise sit in the painting pile for many years.

Here we have the three goblin shamans the first by Kev Adams from the Crooked Claw range the second from GW as part of the arachnarok kit and the last also by KA but done for Hasslefree miniatures.

Whilst I was waiting for some of the paint to dry on those I found another Hasslefree miniature which has been lurking at the back of my paint station for ages and added the last few highlights and steps required to finish her off.

Gwen can now lurk in the box with the rest of my D&D minis.

So what next? Well I have one last unpainted Hasslefree miniature in my collection which would be nice to finish but otherwise I'll probably go back to painting elves again.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

76 Trombones

Well two goblin war trombones anyway. The first of these is a Mantic Goblin War Trombone which I bought in August. The second is a Citadel Goblin Lead Belcher which has been in my possession for 30 years. I think it was in the Orc and Goblin army list for 2nd and 3rd edition WHFB but has been sitting in a box on a shelf since then. Some of the paint job on Lead Belcher is my original 80's brushwork with a wash and a couple of highlights to make it look a little better.

This means two things:-
1) I'm almost finished on the upgrades for my goblin army for Sunday's event (just three goblin shamen to go and they're not vital).
2) I have now painted all the miniatures I have bought this year.

Unfortunately I'm still way down on my goal of painting up 300 miniatures this year so I had better get cracking.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

On a (t)roll

My first batch of trolls to reinforce my goblin army are now complete. These are a Troll Horde and a Troll Bruiser from Mantic.

And here's a group shot with the trolls I painted up last year.

I'm now working on the Goblin War Trombones which hopefully won't take to long. In other news I'm now having to use my magnifying visor more and more - my reading glasses no longer seem to be sufficient for detail work. The good news is that comparing the trolls I did last year with the ones I've just completed I can see a definite improvement ... maybe I should have ditched the reading glasses earlier.