Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Claw back

I don't have any new models to show off just yet, instead I would like to mention a crowd funding project that has caught my eye. Crooked Claw are raising some cash to put some more Kevin "Goblinmaster" Adams sculpts into production.

So far I'm in for another goblin stone thrower and I can't wait to get hold of it.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Back from the grave

After a longer than anticipated break (three months!) I'm now back on my quest to finish off my undead army. Painting up those 10mm miniatures was a nice break and has rekindled my enthusiasm for painting. Prior to Saturday I only had three colour scheme testers done for my ghouls and last night I had 30 of them fully painted.

 photo ddbd06dc87c1cc35a5e7ba630e42aeb8.jpg

In the middle there we have a vampire as well - the one which came with the KoW Kickstarter. 15 days in to 2014 the pledge is going well - 31 miniatures painted and none bought.

Next up - more undead.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

That's it man, game over man, game over!

And with one final evening's effort I have now completed all the painting on the Xenomorph project. I might have done this slightly quicker if I hadn't bought some extra miniatures for the project at the back end of last year. On Sam's suggestion I bought some predators and whilst I was at it I bought a pack of female civilians mainly so I could do a model for Ripley.

Here are the hapless colonists.

 photo 2a680e36b45bcf7a72ddf95dc35c3f0f.jpg

Some luckless colonists.

 photo 753d49f6abbf76f4456dd150edef6537.jpg

The Predators

 photo 99f8ae5afa82956a64587cc3317a9f64.jpg

And some sort of military walker thing. This will probably get used by the corporation marines.

 photo 722c2b94de192be692d8fd9fc6ae0cf6.jpg

Ans lastly some characters. From left to right we have a Civilian Advisor, a Corporate Liaison and an Artifical Person.

 photo 2d9198651fa9bb6078e841688e5995c5.jpg

Unusually for me I have also done some scale shots and close-ups which can be found here:-

Now the painting is done on this project I can now crack on with rules development and play testing. I'm not sure what I'll paint up next, I have plenty of bits and pieces cluttering up the place I just need to pick one and get one with it.

Monday, 6 January 2014

One small step for a painter ...

I've kicked off this year's painting effort with a small project, a very small project. I like the board game "Dungeon!" but I'm not keen on the cardboard stand-ups which come in the box so I painted up some replacements.

 photo c3dd9ec70a6da6a67f6ea4f21fa80743.jpg

The squares on the board are very small so the miniatures had to be smaller than 28mm. Ideally I would have preferred to do this project in 15-20mm but instead opted to go for 10mm partly due to cost and partly for convenience (I happened to be placing an order for more aliens miniatures with Pendraken and needed to bulk out my order).

I've also made some progress on the xenomorph project and I should be able to show it off soon if I can come up with a colour scheme for the predators that works on such tiny miniatures.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

2013 - Failing in style

Kickstarter and Indiegogo - you have a lot to answer for.

If you don't take into account crowdfunding campaigns then this year I didn't buy too much. Sadly though factoring in campaign "rewards" turns 2013 into a fail of epic proportions for my wargamers pledge.

On the bright side I did managed to paint up 286 28mm miniatures (and 90+ 10mm ones). That's probably my biggest tally in a single year so far. (Adjusting for cavalry, mosters etc as I have in previous year that's more like 340 miniatures.)

There have been some notable successes though :-
  • I made a lot of progress on my RPG miniatures (prior to the arrival of half a tonne of Reaper Bones!).
  • My Orcs and Goblins are now playable KoW armies.
  • I have a new undead army I didn't have 6 months ago.
  • My Xenomorph project is almost complete after years in the lead pile.
  • I learned how to speed paint.
2014 will be different! (I really hope so anyway)

I now have such a large haul of minis from all the crowdfunding campaigns that I have become somewhat desensitised to sales and bargains which would previously have got me really excited. If I can muster some enthusiasm and dedication coupled with my new founf speed painting techniques then I should be able rack up some serious numbers on the painting front this year. Well it would be nice to think so anyway.

Of course I still have the second wave of Dead Zone miniatures heading my way but other than that I'm pretty much in the clear on the crowd funding front at the moment.

Maybe this will be the year my Dwarves get painted.

The scale of the problem (2014 edition)

As is tradition, here is a glimpse of what still remains in the lead pile. KoW KS = Kings of War KickStarter campaign.

28mm Scale Projects

Orcs and Goblins
System: KoW
Status: Several hundred figures painted, some more in the lead pile
Comments: The KoW KS added a load of figures to the unpainted pile as did GoblinAid. On the plus side I also painted up quite a lot too. Lets call it even.

Kingdoms of Men/Basileans
System: KoW
Status: 18 knights started, about 100 more models unpainted.
Comments: Again, the KoW KS added a load of figures to the unpainted pile as well as a couple of random purchases. I did paint up some Elohi as well as a phoenix but additions were more than I manage to paint.

System: KoW
Status: 80% unpainted, about 150-200 models in total.
Comments: A handful of models painted and several handfuls added during 2013, mostly from the KoW KS.

High Elves
System: KoW
Status: Mostly painted (if you don't count the 80 miniatures still shrink wrapped)
Comments: I painted up some more archers and cavalry at the beginning of 2013 but as with the other projects the KoW KS added yet more. Misery.

System: KoW
Status: Mostly painted
Comments: A new project for 2013 and almost complete too. Started on a whim with KoW KS rewards and expanded into a tournament army.

Blood Angels
System: Warhammer 40K
Status: Mostly finished.
Comments: Over 2500 points + options available for use. Gathering dust.

DreadBall Teams
System: DreadBall
Status: 6 teams painted out of 10
Comments: Dreadball was looking pretty good on the painting front but I didn't keep pace with all the Kickstarter deliveries.

Dead Zone
System: Dead Zone
Status: Completely un-painted
Comments: A new project for 2014 - I've not yet had the time or inclination to start painting.

SWAT teams and Criminals
System: Officer Down!
Status: 80% painted, about 40 models in total.
Comments: The problem with this project is that it needs more scenery. Scenery is en route in 2014! Hopefully this will give the projects a major kick up the behind.

RPG miniatures
System: D&D etc
Status: Lots painted - even more arrived in 2014.
Comments: My collection of RPG miniatures was slowly and steadily getting painted until my Reapar Bones Kickstarter miniatures arrived. Late in 2014 they were also joined by 12 Otherworld female adventurers from their Indiegogo campaign. I now have plenty to keep me going for a long while.

10/15mm Scale Projects

Aliens and Marines,
System: Xenomorph
Status: 80% painted
Comments: After many years in the lead pile this project finally had its moment in the sun. Rules written and the majority of the miniatures are now painted and ready for play.

High Elves, Undead, Dark Elves, Mongols, Later Muslim Indian, Later Achmeneid Persian
Systems: DBA, HOTT etc
Status: No progress during 2013.

The dregs of 2013

Before I total up the scores for 2013 here are the last few things I painted up before the year drew to a close.

Here is the completed Xenomorph force including face huggers and nests. I'm not sure if I will ever come up with a scenario which involves all three queens!

 photo 4f19e59ef9ee7e1cd2e7bf1caf52e30b.jpg

And here are the colonial marines.
 photo 5cf8d2f5b78be44222b6914dcb77213e.jpg

And showing up late for the battle are the Corporation Marines complete with acid suits.
 photo e8a40a9d44575020195046d07cf82b87.jpg

If anyone is interested here are some close ups with a 1p piece for scale.
 photo c561a2cfd736dc47c63200d933d15973.jpg
 photo 4609944665b3ec8c08b806fc43538568.jpg
 photo 26c9226d522d31c779cf3feb0db77b4f.jpg
 photo 3b5045f25848623a2c41f8a52d9de496.jpg
 photo 3a4672b513db707f01e7465f80faac4b.jpg
 photo 6dd0b81c9538bdd180414ca45270b3b3.jpg

Now lets see what the damage is.