Thursday, 11 December 2014

As one door closes another opens

Well after basking in the warm afterglow of a completed project it didn't take too long for me to find another windmill to tilt at.

Back in October I went to the Clash of Kings Kings of War tournament having hardly played KoW all year. I didn't expect to do well and was very surprised to come 2nd. As a prize I got a Mantic ogre army set which means I will now be painting up an ogre army for KoW.

I had some ogres from the first Kings of War Kickstarter and I bought a few more models (more warriors, some chariots and some command models) to round out the army and off I set.

After working out a colour scheme I had a complete tidy of my workbench and kept only the paints and paint brushes required for this project. This has speeded things up can cut down the amount of time I usually spend hunting for the right paint and remembering which colours to use.

 photo 794aaf771ad49eab7ced9aa9bb9111ce.jpg

And here are the first fruits of the project - a units of ogre warriors:-

 photo 5b9cfdf565d7c4436de31deb4f690047.jpg

And a unit of ogre shooters:-

 photo 98e85036f33d5dc1078a80ac76f7a190.jpg

Next up some more warriors and shooters hopefully followed by some more interesting stuff.