Thursday, 5 April 2012

The best laid plans

No progress on the orcs for a while, my movement disorder has been quite bad so I've not managed to find time to hold a brush when my limbs are under full control.

One thing I have been meaning to mention - so far this year I have managed to buy a grand total of zero miniatures (cue round of applause). I'm wondering if I can extend this period of abstention to 6 months or even a year, only time will tell.

Despite the halt in purchases I find myself in possession of more miniatures now than I had at the start of the year after a bout of trading over on TWF. I managed to swap a couple of army books and some GW plastic goblins (that I never really liked) for the following:-

10 Mantic ghouls
10 GW LoTR elves
16 GW Dwarf warriors
9 GW Dwarf miners

Not sure whether to count these as new purchases for the purposes of the pledge or not. As some were swapped for miniatures I already had that would count as 28 extra miniatures. Hmm.