Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Splinter Cell

My hobby mojo has been really stuttering this year whilst I deal with other more important issues. Back in late March I had a quick flurry of enthusiasm and bought myself a Black Scorpion Miniatures Treeman to act as a Forest Warden in my Kings of War Elf army. It is a miniature I had admired for some years but had been put off by the postage cost (£14.40 for the miniature and £4.20 postage!). This time around I decided to go for it regardless and see if that inspired me to pick up my paintbrushes again.

It is a nice miniature but it still took me about 6 weeks to get him finished. Still I'd say that slow progress is better than no progress.

 And here is is with some of his woodland chums -Mantic Forest Shamblers and a GW LOTR Treeman as a Tree Herder.

Elsewhere I got a bit of a surprise when clearing out the study when I turned up another 10 Mantic Elf Kindred Gladestalkers (Scouts) assembled and primed ready for painting. I had thought that I was done painting up elf infantry but it looks like I have a little more work left to do on that front.