Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't

This is turning out to be a good week for painting. Next off the production line are some zombie hunters/survivors. These are all Reaper bones minis which I got from the kickstarter last year. These are for my "... and stay down!" project which uses the same scenery I have built for Officer Down.

 photo edc6f9b903f41039dba5fcbfeca5dff8.jpg

Next up are a couple of Otherworld war dogs which I got as perks from their Indiegogo campaign. These are needed in the D&D campaign as the nature priest has acquired a couple of hunting dogs.

 photo 431064061f9f2233d3846a29e665ca98.jpg

The workbench is currently cluttered with modern zombies. Some may escape soon.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The fantastic four

And here we have the human torch, the thing and er.. okay they are in fact four elementals from Reaper miniatures. I thought these might be handy whilst I am running the Temple of Elemental Evil in our D&D sessions.

 photo 6dd8d55e3ec6b7fc66c680bfd5ca09c5.jpg

In other news I have taken delivery of a very large number (60!) of modern Zombies. I think I know what I will be painting for a bit.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Builders, keep on building

Another building complete, that'll be the last one for a while.

 photo b901653ef44b0a344fba2f15916051d4.jpg

Now to get on with painting some more miniatures. I think I need to break out a new main paintbrush too - all that scenery seems to have messed with the bristles.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Half time

So with half the year gone it is about time I took stock and tallied up my painted miniatures and my purchases and checked on how my wargamer's pledge is coming along.

Total Bought    56
Total Painted    155
Balance    99

All in all that's pretty good new I would say. Loads painted and loads more painted than bought, result.

But actually that total doesn't really reflect the effort I have been putting in this year because most of what I have painted so far has been scenery. Some of this hasn't featured on the blog so far so here are some shots of the scery I have painted up in the first six months of this year.

Amera Factory

 photo 813b5c92a6dfbcb750d90f3bc1de0e3a.jpg

Gamecraft City Buildings

 photo 07f444ad9df2c0e8a950ddec9684abe4.jpg

Gamecraft 7 Eleven

 photo d6e25ce94a7912cd655a99861ad78d1c.jpg

Sarissa Buildings

 photo 0163412019c6fccb34f844406af234d1.jpg

Italeri Berlin House

 photo 80aceb653e423304785aa7446cec78d1.jpg

Timeline Miniatures Pub

 photo 760f4f068ed5aa5a3aa3a4a7e785468b.jpg

Demo's Laser Cut Terrain shops

 photo 970ca0c8cb1d234f03700c7b2faba2c2.jpg

Demo's Laser Cut Terrain shops

 photo f9d0fc0783c54992f535ba44959a17e5.jpg

Robocop Garage

 photo 169976e75bb147eb81facbf1a0c72b49.jpg

And the latest one completed yesterday (so 2nd hald of the year):-

Dust Tactics WarzoneTenement

 photo 2c849df8d4fe372f246cf1c7b0f97ac5.jpg

Here's hoping that the second half of 2014 is at least as productive as the first half.